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Hey fellow truck lovers! Buying truck toppers is a great investment. In addition to increasing your trucks cargo holding capacity, they also give your truck that nice custom look. The best way to keep truck toppers looking great is with proper cleaning and care. You can learn plenty more about how to keep them clean and many of the other the benefits of truck toppers at our Twin Cities showroom. Truck toppers are relatively easy to care for so here’s the truck topper care 101. Here are just a few things to keep in mind and you’ll be good to go!

Washing your truck topper:

Treat any fresh paint with some extra TLC for the first 30 days. Go ahead and use a power washer or a touch-less car wash during this “paint curing” period. Just avoid letting anything rub on the paint. No microfiber clothes, and no car washes with brushes and so on.

Do not wax for the first 60 days. After 60 days, go ahead and wash and wax your truck topper as you would your truck using the same cleaning and wax products.

Snow and ice removal:

Always brush off snow and ice. Avoid using a scraper on the cap or the rear door glass.


When repairing minor nicks and scratches on truck toppers, you can use clear fingernail polish as the base coat. Then after that dries, you can use touch-up paint to make minor repairs to the paint. Wait until the paint is fully cured and then use rubbing compound and polish to regain the proper finish.

Vinyl, plastic and rubber components:

Use a UV protection that does not contacting petrochemicals, petroleum distillates or silicone oils.

Gas struts:

If necessary, clean them with water only. Do not use lubricants or solvent cleaners on the shafts of gas struts.


Lithium based grease is recommended as they won’t attract dirt and grime build up. If you use penetrating oils in the lock cylinders, you should always follow up with a lithium grease.

Keep truck toppers looking great using the tips above. With proper cleaning and care your topper will last for many years to come. Come on down and see us and we can show you many of the other the benefits of truck toppers at our showroom.

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