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“SuperCab”“King Cab”“Access Cab”“Quad Cab” Believe it or not, those four terms are all referring to the same basic cab setup for different trucks – all for the sake of branding. In 2023 it can take a full-on thesaurus to have a coherent conversation about the features of someone’s truck. This blog is that thesaurus. CAB… Read more »

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The Best Builds of 2022 What do you want to do with your truck? At Toppers & More, this is a key question we have for customers. Many customers just want a cover for their truck bed, and we definitely have that covered. However, we take pride in doing so much more than that! Whether… Read more »

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As anyone who’s ever attempted to install an aftermarket trailer hitch on a car, truck, or SUV can tell you, it can be a huge pain. Whether installing the hitch requires monkeying around with the exhaust, trimming plastic bumper components, or dealing with rust, dust, and dirt, it’s normally not a pleasant experience. That’s where… Read more »

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“I can’t have racks above my truck bed because of my tonneau cover.” This realization is one problem that truck owners have struggled with for years. However, it’s not exactly the case anymore. Why shouldn’t you have your covered truck bed plus racks for carrying ladders, kayaks, etc. too? At Toppers & More, we carry… Read more »

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The long wait is over, as ARE now has fiberglass models available for the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra. The new generation Tundra has seen a delay in topper availability as manufacturers had been slow to create a mold for the truck.  ARE now has two fiberglass models available for some 2022 Tundras. The base-level V… Read more »