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Let’s face it, Americans love towing. There’s something about hooking up to a big load of prized horses, or a backhoe, or pulling an RV across a mountain pass that encompasses the freedom that we love. You’ve got a lot riding on your hitch and those relatively small pieces of engineered steel play the leading role in keeping your truck and your trailer connected. The hitch matters to your safety and the safety of our roads, so let Toppers & More help keep you safe.


B&W Trailer Hitches


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At B&W Trailer Hitches, we stand for the future of American manufacturing. The U.S. has lost 1.9 million manufacturing jobs to China alone over the last decade. “Made in the USA” can succeed, but only if we rely on the principles that work in our own neighborhoods.

Reese Hitches


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Reese Hitches is a Midwest based, family-owned business that specializes in trailer hitches, trailer parts and towing products. Reese opened in 1957 as a manufacturer of hitches and has grown to an ISO 9003-2008 certified company and a leading supplier of hitches, trailer parts and truck accessories.

Draw-Tite Hitches


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When it comes to engineered designs, Draw-Tite’s is second to none. Innovative low profile designs complement the rear contours and aerodynamic styling of today’s vehicles. Custom designed hitches are specific to vehicle type and model year for simple installation..


Curt Manufacturing Towing

Curt Manufacturing

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CURT stands for EXCELLENCE in our products and our people. They manufacture, import and distribute towing system products, OE trailer products and specialty equipment. CURT aspires to be the industry leader by recognizing that the customer is king and that our people are our greatest asset.


Rigid Hitches


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Celebrating more than 50 years of manufacturing and distributing quality products, Rigid Hitch is a manufacturer and warehouse distributor of trailer hitches, towing accessories, trailer parts and truck accessories.

We have many more brands and styles to choose from!


Activator Brake Controller


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Activator Brake Controller’s from Draw-Tite are perfect for 1 to 2 axle trailers, Illuminated LED output indicator, slide adjustment output control, “up-front” manual over-ride control, mounting hardware included, smooth and simple installations.

Tekonsha Brake Controller


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Through the use of a sensing device, the brake control can determine the tow vehicle’s rate of deceleration and then apply the trailer brakes to match. Proportional controls deliver power to the trailer brakes in direct relationship to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle.


We have many more brands and styles to choose from!