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Truck Hitches MNDo you use your truck for towing? If so, there are some important items you need to do so safely. The most important part is the hitch attached to your truck. The truck hitch allows you to hook to the trailer you want to pull. There are a variety of different hitches that correlate with what you are pulling and the amount of weight you’ll be towing.

At Toppers & More, we sell truck hitches in MN. We can help you find the right hitch for your needs so you can tow safely. We also offer a variety of other towing accessories such as balls and brake controllers. Whatever you need for your truck to start towing, you can find at our store!

Types of Truck Hitches

As mentioned, there are several different types of truck hitches. The one for your truck will depend on what you plan to tow. Here’s a breakdown of the types of truck hitches available.

Receiver Hitches
These are categorized in classes 1 through 5, according to the maximum amount of weight they can tow. Class 1 are for lighter loads no heavier than 3,500 lbs. Class 5 is for much higher weight capacities, topping out around 10,000 lbs.

Bumper Mounted
These hitches mount to the bumper rather than to the frame of the truck. They offer more adjustment and flexibility; however, because they can only carry as much weight as your truck’s bumper can. So, you’ll want to be aware of this before hooking up.

Front Mounted
Front-mounting hitches are a great option because they allow you to see where you’re going when you are trying to line things up. An example would be easing a boat into or out of the water. They also accommodate cargo carriers, winch mounting plates and other accessories.
Fifth Wheel
These attach in the middle of your truck bed, mounting to the industry standard rails, directly above the axle. They are intended for towing large trailers, with a maximum weight of 8 tons.

These hitches also mount in the bed of your pickup truck. They provide a tighter turn radius, which comes in handy when hauling livestock trailers or flatbeds. They also have higher weight capacities.

Truck Hitches from Toppers & More

Once you decide on the right type of hitch for your truck, you can visit our store to get started. If you still aren’t sure the type of hitch you need, our expert staff can help you out! For truck hitches in MN, visit Toppers & More. You can give us a call at 651-451-1808 or contact us with any questions.