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If you’re here, you’re probably considering purchasing a tonneau cover for your truck. However, there are three basic styles of tonneaus, and they all have their advantages and drawbacks. What style is best for you?

Roll-Up Tonneaus

Perhaps the most common style of tonneau cover, roll-ups are the most affordable style. Vinyl roll-ups are simple to install, easy to operate, and do well at keeping water and dust out of the truck bed. There are some security concerns with vinyl roll-ups, as someone could easily cut one open to access the truck bed, but by and large they accomplish security by keeping things “out of sight, out of mind” to potential thieves. Additionally, hard roll-ups made from aluminum slats exist and are an answer to this concern, but they do cost more than your typical soft vinyl roll-up. Roll-up tonneaus can also only be used in transport when fully closed or fully open.

Tri-Fold Tonneaus

Another popular choice, tri-fold tonneaus give you a sharp look, a hard and secure cover, and some unique functionality. Most tri-folds can be strapped open at multiple lengths when in transport, which can be useful in certain circumstances. They are a little more expensive than soft roll-ups but comparable in price to hard roll-ups. They aren’t quite as easy to operate as roll-ups, but that’s the trade-off that exists for gaining the ability to be open at multiple lengths. The main drawback that exists with tri-folds is that when you want to drive with the tonneau fully open, the tonneau will cover the rear window of your truck so that you lose visibility through the window. 

Retractable Tonneaus

Retractable tonneaus are probably the third-most-popular choice, but they do have their merits for certain applications. They are by far the easiest to operate, making them a great choice for contractors who will be opening and closing the tonneau several times throughout a day. Most of them can also lock in place at any length without any drawbacks, giving great versatility to the truck bed. Additionally, they are probably the most secure option of the three, give a sharp and low-profile look at any length, and some have built-in rails for adding racks. The main drawback with these is that they retract into a canister that is within the truck bed. This means that you will lose some length in your bed, other than a few inches below the canister. Additionally, they are the most expensive style out of the three.

Ultimately, we cannot definitively say which style is the “best.” Only you can decide what functionalities are most important to you and how much of a downside the drawbacks of each would be to you specifically. 

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