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Toppers & More offers a full product line of Unicover truck caps and toppers.

Unicover Truck Toppers, Caps & Covers

The skilled craftsmen at Unicover have been building superior quality job-site tested commercial truck caps for over 30 years. Combine our unequalled list of standard features with options that satisfy your storage, security, capacity and performance needs and you will have a truck cap that works as hard as you do.

Unicover Brand Truck Caps and Toppers

Fiberglass Caps

Fiberglass truck cap models. Unicover fiberglass truck caps provide the stylish features you are looking for. Unicover truck caps will fit any make or model truck and come in all colors. Unicover truck caps come in models that provide greater access, expanded cargo room, recessed dark tint windows, rotary locks, push button doors and much more!

Aluminum Truck Caps

Aluminum truck cap models. Unicover provides various options and features for a variety of applications. Unicover truck caps will fit any make or model truck and come in all colors. This cost effective product line is the perfect solution for your truck fleet.

Unicover 100 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 100 Model

Offer a screened sliding window centered, providing screened ventilation at an economical price.

Unicover 400 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 400 Model

Offers a stationary window and screened sliding ventilation and increased visibility.

Unicover 600 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 600 Model

Offers a radious screened sliding window.

Unicover 700 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 700 Model

Offers a full vision screened sliding window for maximum visibility.

Unicover 800 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 800 Model

Offers a utility door and a screened sliding window for side access and ventilation.

Unicover 1000 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 1000 Model

Offers 2 utility doors with optional bi-level roof and galvanized steel tool box providing maximum accessibility.

Unicover 1100 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 1100 Model

Offers two stationary windows and a screened sliding window.

Unicover 1200 Model Truck Cap

Unicover 1200 Model

Offers a 52″ stationary window for our most economical protection for your truck.

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