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truck toppers blaine mn toppers and moreTruck toppers are a great addition to consider for your truck. They look sharp and protect your bed from the elements. If you are looking to see a wide variety of tonneau truck covers, come check us out. We sell truck toppers near Blaine and have the largest selection of truck toppers around. We are the experts in helping truck owners like you find the best truck accessories for their vehicle. Here is a brief rundown of the different kinds of truck toppers we have for sale and the advantages they offer.

Roll Up Covers

As the name implies, these types of truck toppers roll up so you can easily access the bed of your truck while still protecting it from the elements (and anything you have stored in it). Roll up covers are the least expensive option when it comes to tonneau covers and truck toppers. We sell Access Cover, Truxedo and Roll X, just to name a few. To open a roll up cover, you need to open your tail gate first. So if you have a tail gate lock, it will deter thieves from opening your cover and getting to your valuables inside. No tail gate lock? No worries! We can hook you up with that as well.

Solid Lids

Solid lids truck toppers are most commonly made out of fiberglass, and these types of truck toppers have been around the longest. These fiberglass truck covers are often painted to match your truck. Many of them are available with some cool add-on features such as carpeted interior, an interior light, electric locks and so on. They lock for security, and they do an excellent job of keeping the elements out of your truck bed.


Tri-fold truck truck toppers have multi-folding panels that are quick and easy to open. Because they are a hard material, they add another layer of protection over a roll up cover. They also offer the same benefits as the other truck covers: added security, protection from the outdoor elements and ease of use. Some popular brands are those made by Undercover and Bak.

Retractable Truck Toppers

As the name implies, retractable truck toppers can retract back and forth very easily. They have locks built in and, while they are typically the most expensive of the truck toppers out there, they are usually the quickest to open and close. If you go in and out of your truck bed many times a day, this might be the perfect fit for you. They come in various materials from lightweight aluminum to a heavy-duty product that will hold a lot of weight on top.

We highly recommend having a low cost tailgate seal put in. This helps fill the gaps where water can get in through the tailgate.

The type of truck topper you get will mostly depend on your budget and what you use your truck for. If you just want to keep the elements out of your bed, protect your belongings and increase your gas mileage, any of the above will do the trick. If you want something basic that is the most affordable, we’d recommend coming and checking out the variety of roll up covers we have on our showroom. If you want something a little sleeker made out of a hard material that provides another level of security, take a look at one of the others.

Whichever one you choose, we are here to help. We’ve been in business since 1949 and our staff has years of knowledge and experience and are able to tell you the pros and cons of the various brands and types. Our #1 goal is to give you the information you need to get a product you will be happy with for years to come!

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