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If you are in the market for truck bed liners in Blaine, you might be wondering what are the different types of bed liners there are and what are the differences. At Toppers & More, one of our specialties is truck bed liners, so we thought we would give you a brief rundown of the types of the various truck bed liners that are out there and the pros and cons of each one.

The lowest cost item is a truck bed mat. Your choices would be a rubber truck bed mat, like the one made by Dee Zee or Trail FX, a bed mat made of polypropylene (essentially plastic but looks and feels like carpet), like the one made by BedRug or a plastic liner like the one made by Weather Tech. The upside of bed mat is it will do a great job protecting the floor of your truck bed and won’t scratch the box itself, and the con would be that a mat only covers the floor of your truck, leaving no protection for the sides of the box.

Next in line would be a drop in bed liner. These are made of plastic and specifically made for your truck box. When it comes to drop in liners, we are particularly fond of the skid-resistant drop in bed liner made by Penda. Often customers who have an older truck with a scratched up bed will purchase a drop in liner to cover the flaws and protect the truck from further damage. The great thing about drop in bed liners is the cost. While these are more than a mat, they are about half the cost of a spray in liner or a carpeted liner. A con would be that drop in liners have the potential to scratch the box underneath; water can get under them and that combination has the potential to lead to some rust.

A customer favorite by far is the BedRug. These carpeted liners are made of polyethylene foam and topped with a polyester fiber carpet. The bed rugs are form-fitted to each vehicle’s specifications and the tailgate piece is part of the liner, not a separate piece. Don’t let the plush look of these liners fool you. They are tough! They can withstand grease, dirt and grime. They won’t scratch your bed, and your items are less likely to slip around. If you ever decide to take the BedRug out, your truck box should look like the day you put it in! There are many pros to the BedRug. No damage to your bed, they look awesome and they are easy on the knees when you crawl into your truck box. The con would be if you were hauling dirt, leaves and that type of material frequently. If that is the case, I would opt for something that is even quicker to clean.

Spray-in liners to date are the highest priced liner. They adhere to the truck bed offering superb protection. They block all water and debris that could potentially lead to scratches and rust. At Toppers & More, we’ve tried several and have had the best results with Line-X or Rhino Liners, and they both come with a lifetime warranty. There are do-it-yourself kits out there, but we’ve yet to see even one that compares a bed liner that is professionally done. More often than not, the truck owner wishes they hadn’t done it themselves, and they are not happy with the results. Chances are your truck was a big investment and if you choose a spray in liner, it’s best to leave it to the pros. The upside of a spray in bed liner: They look great, and they are tough and easy to clean. A con could be the price and they are permanent. (That could be a pro as well, depending on how you look at it.)

So that’s the low down. Which liner works best for you all depends on how you use your truck and what your budget allows.

We hope you learned a few new things about truck bed liners and the types that we have available. Come down to our showroom to learn more!

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