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Maybe you’re a contractor hauling tools and equipment to job sites every day. Maybe you’re an adventurer needing to store gear for your outdoor excursions. Maybe you’re a football fan looking to organize your tailgating setup. Whatever you use your rig for, a truck bed storage accessory could be the solution you’re looking for. Let’s run through some of the most popular options we offer.

Decked Drawer System

Decked drawer system for truck bed storage

The Decked drawer system is a supreme choice for truck bed storage. Two drawers run the length of the truck bed, while bins fill in the space ahead of and behind the wheel wells. Decked claims the drawer system is 100% waterproof, and you maintain normal use of the truck bed with their strong, custom-fit deck that serves as the top of the drawers. The only drawback is that you do lose some height in the bed.

Tool Boxes

Everyone’s seen the classic truck bed tool box. Often made from diamond-plate steel, these sturdy tool boxes are a great option for locking up your gear. They’re popular for a reason, doing the job well for a relatively cheap price. It can be hard to find one that pairs with a tonneau cover or topper, though.

A spin on the classic tool box is the Swingcase from Undercover. The Swingcase attaches to the side of the truck bed and fills the space between the wheel well and the tailgate on one side. When you need something out of it, it swings out for easy access from the tailgate. Furthermore, it actually detaches from its hinges easily if you want to just take it out and carry all your gear somewhere.

Topper Options for Storage

You can also get storage built right into your topper. Contractors may want to go with a commercial-style topper. ARE offers full side tool boxes with 16 different divider options or fold-down shelves on their commercial units. For the Average Joe ordering one of their sleek fiberglass models, full-length side bins with side-entry windows or doors are also available. 

Additionally, the Cap Pak can be a terrific add-on to your topper for storage. This “drawer” attaches to the inside ceiling of the topper and rolls out/swings down when you need to access what you’re storing inside. It is not very deep, which limits what you can store in it, but also minimizes the height that you lose in the truck bed.

Whatever reason you have to improve your truck bed storage, allow us to help. Give us a call at 651-451-1808, stop in at our store in South St Paul, or contact us to discover all the options available for your pickup truck, Jeep or SUV.