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We’re based in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so naturally a large portion of our customer base loves to fish. If you’re hopping in your truck to head to the lake or the stream any chance you get, you’ll want to accessorize your rig accordingly. Let’s take a look at some great accessories we offer for fishermen.

Side Steps

Side steps are all about making your life easier getting in and out of the truck. For a fisherman, wet boots and shoes can make this an even more difficult task. For our ideal angler’s truck, we’re recommending 6” wide running boards with an aggressive tread. These extra wide boards give an easy surface to step onto, while the tread will help keep wet boots from slipping. 

Bed Liner

Every truck needs a bed liner. The one we’re recommending above all others for fishermen is the classic BedRug. This polypropylene carpet provides a surface that is easy on your knees and elbows, while also providing some extra insulation in the truck bed. That second point is the main reason we think it’s terrific for fishing enthusiasts, as it will help your trophies (or dinner) stay colder in the cooler in the truck bed.

Other Accessories

Back to wet and muddy boots: no one wants to muck up their vehicle’s carpet after spending some time on the riverbank. That’s why floor mats from WeatherTech or Husky are a great choice to help keep your vehicle clean.

Toppers & More Explore More

A number of fishermen obviously have a boat to drag around to their favorite lakes. If you fall into this category, a good trailer hitch is a must-have. Additionally, if your truck or SUV doesn’t have a pre-installed trailer brake controller, adding an aftermarket one can be a huge aid to your towing experience. 

Additionally, if you’re spending time dropping a boat in the water, you’re going to get some water on your rear wheels. Don’t spray road grime and dirty water all over your boat and other vehicles when you leave the lake- get a good set of hanging mud flaps.

Recommended Topper Options

If you’re putting a topper on your truck, you always want to consider what you’ll be using it for when deciding how to set it up. Here’s some good topper options for the avid fisherman.

You’ll want to make sure whatever topper you buy has windows that open in some capacity. Vented windows or sliders both work; you’ll definitely want to be able to get some air flowing through the truck bed when you’re throwing wet gear and the day’s catch in the back of the truck.

Similar to the BedRug, a carpeted headliner is a smart add to a topper, especially if you do go with the BedRug bed liner. This will increase the insulation in the bed even more and also cut down on condensation that can occur with the bare fiberglass interior. Another option that works in tandem with the headliner is a clothes hanger, which is a great feature for hanging up waders when you leave the stream.

For rod storage, there are a couple different options. A real hardcore angler may want to go with ARE’s Rod Pods, which mount to a roof rack on the topper. These long storage tubes keep your fishing rods protected from shifting cargo, awkward bending, and the elements. Alternatively, you can get some rod holders mounted to the interior ceiling of the topper that are not as robust, but still do the job.

You wouldn’t take an ice fishing rod to the trout stream, so why would you travel to your honey hole in a truck that isn’t properly outfitted? At Toppers & More, we offer everything you read about in this blog and more to help you catch a boatload of fish tales with a properly prepared truck. Give us a call at 651-451-1808, stop in at our store in South St Paul, or contact us to discover all the options available for your pickup truck, Jeep or SUV.