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Toppers & More sells Rhino bedliners in St Paul. There are many different types of bedliners you can get at Toppers & More, including drop-in liners, the bed rug and spray-in liners. Each one has their benefits. Rhino liner spray-on bedliner is definitely a favorite of those customers who want one that is rough and tough and can take just about anything you throw in it.

This article is going to focus on what makes the Rhino liner so great. Rhino spray-on bedliners are tough as nails and incredibly durable and are made by a company that has been around for more than 25 years! It gives you the ultimate protection for your truck bed: protection from dents, scratches and rust. It is not only impact-resistant but it is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals as well.

Beyond the superb truck bed protection you get from a Rhino liner, they also look great! Unlike a traditional liner, they fit like a glove. You never have to worry about the scratches that can be caused by a poor fitting bedliner. One issue with many other truck bedliners is that moisture can accumulate under them, which can lead to rust. You can rest assured this isn’t an issue with a professionally applied spray-on bedliner, such as the Rhino liner.

To top it off, they are backed with a nationwide warranty against cracking, bubbling and peeling. There are many choices in bedliners out there, that’s for sure. But one thing to keep in mind is that with a Rhino spray-on bedliner, you will get plenty of peace of mind knowing your truck’s bed looks great and is protected by a high-quality product.

Rhino is, of course, best known for truck bed protection. But did you know it can protect other things as well? You can have running boards and nerf bars sprayed as well. Normally you would need to invest a lot of money in the high-quality chrome running boards or nerf bars if you wanted them to last through many Minnesota winters. However, a lower cost powder-coated step will do the trick when protected by a professionally applied spray-on bedliner material.

So when you are ready to learn more about the Rhino bedliner in St Paul, call or visit Toppers & More. Call us at 651-451-1808 or visit our showroom on 9th Avenue South in St Paul, or you can contact for a Free Estimate.