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If you are serious about making your truck stand out from the pack then you need some LED lights for it! LED lights are the hot trend right now to make your truck look as sweet as pie. Since we carry various truck accessories near St Paul, we have pretty much everything one might want for their truck including a variety of LED lights. Speaking of that, they are on sale now through the end of this month.

What makes LED lights so special? For starters, they are powered by a semi-conductor that combines electrons with electron holes to release energy in the form of photons. In plain English, that means they are SUPER bright, they don’t get hot and they last for years without failure.

Since LED lights are much brighter than traditional lights that come on your vehicle, they provide better visibility for you and for others seeing you.

Here are some of the most popular ways to integrate these bright lights on your vehicle.

You can replace your traditional headlight bulbs with LED lights, providing increased visibility at night. Since they last so long, the days of getting pulled over for a burnt out headlight are over.

Tail Lights
In the same way, you can replace your traditional tail lights with LED lights. The options abound, you can choose different styles and even colors to make your “truck booty” pop.

Light Bars
When you are ready to go the whole nine yards, check out light bars. Besides looking really cool, they provide amazing visibility for those off-road treks and adventures. Again, there are many options and choices for these accessories.

Line of Fire Lights
A “line of fire” includes numerous small LED lights in a row just under the tailgate of your truck. Because this is such an inexpensive way to give your truck that extra little something, they are very popular. Whether you knew what they were called or not, you’ve likely seen them on other trucks. A line of fire is like having an additional brake light, running light and blinker all in one.

LED Line of Fire Lights

At Toppers & More, we deck out trucks daily. If you ask our staff what the number one investment is to make your truck a show stopper, the answer would be LED lights.

WARNING: Decking out your truck with LED lights may result in whiplash from onlookers. Just kidding of course, but if it’s going to turn heads, you might as well make it worth their while!

Learn more about LED lights and other truck accessories in St Paul to make your truck stand out! Visit our showroom in South St Paul, call 651-451-1808 or Contact Us for more information.