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So you just came to Toppers & More, browsed through our truck accessories in St Paul, and you decided to buy a truck topper. You want to keep it looking as good as new, right? Here are a few tips on how to keep your new truck topper in tip-top shape.

Monthly Visual Inspection

At least once a month, you will want to do a visual inspection of your topper. Make sure the clamps and bolts are still holding the topper on properly and that they are all firmly in place. Check for other damage too so if you need to get anything repaired, it can be taken care of immediately.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your truck topper clean is just as important as cleaning the rest of your truck accessories. Use mild soap and water to clean it and then wipe it down with a clean and soft cloth. If you want to take it through a car wash, be sure to consult your manufacturer’s guidelines. And if it snows or sleets, make sure to brush your topper off as soon as you can.

Store It Properly

If for some reason you take the topper off of your truck, be sure to store it in a protected and secure area. Like other truck accessories, the better you take care of your topper, the longer it should last you! You want to be sure that where you store it is clean, dry and secure. That will help ensure nothing happens to your topper while it’s in storage.

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