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Do you ever think that having a topper sometimes might be nice, while still unsure if you’d want one on all the time? You’re not alone. While your average fiberglass topper is removable, it’s not so easy unless you have a pulley system or forklift at your disposal. Lifting a 200+ pound topper off (not to mention back on) the back of a truck is a very awkward process that requires two or more people. It follows that, for those who sometimes carry taller loads or like having an open bed, buying a traditional topper for only select occasions may be more trouble than it’s worth.

At Toppers & More, most of our business is done with traditional fiberglass and aluminum toppers. While these are great products that many customers love, we know that a heavy topper is not the best fit for some people. Presented below are a couple of outside-the-box options for people who want a more flexible truck bed solution.

Flated Air-Topper

One of the newest products on our showroom floor, the Flated Air-Topper is truly revolutionary. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, the Air-Topper is the world’s first inflatable truck topper, and Toppers & More is one of the first brick-and-mortar dealers working with the good people at Flated.

The Air-Topper weighs in at only 35 pounds when deflated, and even folds up into a bag for easy storage! It is a true space-saver when stored and is also easily installed or removed by one person. The Air-Topper can be a solution for those who may end up wanting a topper on most of the time as well, as one reviewer from northern Minnesota boasted that it stayed inflated through three months of bitter winter. The topper is also quite rigid and strong when fully inflated. It’s a terrific solution for weekend camping in your truck bed, providing an air dam for a tall trailer, or even just daily use, and it’s more affordable than any of the fiberglass toppers we currently carry. 

Bestop Supertop

Designed with the same characteristics as Bestop’s popular soft tops for Jeeps, the Supertop is a very versatile option for truck bed coverage. Made from heavy-duty fabric pulled over metal bars, the Supertop is both easily removable and can be folded down while still attached. While the Supertop, by nature, may be more prone to holes and tears than a traditional topper and isn’t quite as robust as the Air-Topper, the reviews indicate that it is quite durable. One reviewer also pointed out a great advantage to the “fold down” feature, saying that he can easily convert from covering his cargo to towing his 5th wheel trailer. The Supertop is also quite a bit more affordable than traditional toppers.

So, whether you want a traditional fiberglass topper or want to explore other options for your truck, Toppers & More can meet your needs! Give us a call at 651-451-1808, stop in at our store in South St Paul, or contact us to discover all the options available for your pickup truck.