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Toppers & More offers a full product line of A.R.E, ATC, Unicover and Ranch truck caps and toppers.

A.R.E. Truck Caps, Covers & Toppers

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A.R.E. has always taken pride in providing the highest quality products possible. Their commitment to a higher quality standard was established at the founding of the company in 1969 and has remained a highest priority. Today, more than ever they recognize that their customers work hard for their money and deserve the best value possible when buying one of their products. With this in mind, they continue to strive to maintain their commitment.


Z Series Truck Cap

The Z Series truck cap is engineered to provide the best fit and finish possible. The styling, frameless doors and windows, and attention to details make the Z-Series the perfect choice for any truck. And the optional keyless entry system is a great final touch.

X Series Truck Cap

The X Series is A.R.E.’s newest truck cap design. Featuring our innovative painted composite frame, this new cap will give your truck the “X Factor.”

CX Series Truck Cap

The CX Series combines strength, style, and function. It is designed to look great, but also offers many different options to fit your specific needs. It is a great choice for any lifestyle, work or play.

MX Series Truck Cap

The MX Series’ mid high roof provides more headroom and storage capacity, while offering easier access to your gear. The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats.

V Series Truck Cap

The V Series offers traditional styling with smooth, clean lines, and many different options to meet your needs. This model is the right choice for customers who want quality and function, without breaking the bank. The side tool box option is a great addition for any contractor.

TW Series Truck Cap

The steady rising design of the TW-Series takes full advantage of the capacity of your truck bed. Maximum head room, easy access, and aerodynamic styling make the TW-Series perfect for hauling gear while providing efficient airflow up and over any camper, trailer, or boat.

RT Series Truck Cap

Manufactured out of fiberglass with a reinforced steel structure, the RT Series™ is the tallest cap in the industry which complements the aerodynamic lines of your truck. Whether it is used for leisurely activities, work or simply for its large interior volume, the RT Series is the answer to your needs.

ATC Truck Toppers, Covers & Caps

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ATC American-made products are produced in an environmentally-friendly plant outside of Kansas City. Our plant opened in the Fall 2011 with the latest technologies. Our processes, new plant and great workforce enable us to produce quality products for less. You’ll see the value and savings reflected in every ATC Truck Cover product.

ATC Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


1600 Raised Roof

The ATC Truck Covers LED Raised Roof Series is a mid-rise model that is styled for both work and play. The LED Raised Roof provides extra height from front to rear and features a large rear door for camping or loading cargo.

ATC Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


LED Cab Hi

The ATC Truck Covers LED Series features a smooth roof design with an integrated LED brake light that offers a truly unique look. Also standard on the LED are side sliding windows with 1/3rd vents and a choice of front sliders or fixed windows. A framed rear door with double T-handles provides extra security.

ATC Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


LER Cab Hi

The ATC Truck Covers LER Series blends the automotive styling of an SUV with the rugged looks of a pickup for a unique package that will turn heads. Curved glass that pops out in the rear for ventilation and is oversized for maximum visibility, plus an all glass rear door with rotary latches are features of the LER300.

Ranch Truck Caps, Toppers & Covers

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Ranch Fiberglass is always striving to put the best products on the market and we want our customers see the qulaity selections available for their trucks.


Ranch Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


Echo Truck Cap

The Ranch Echo is our economy line topper that is designed to offer an affordable price point while still offering the basic necessities a canopy, or truck cap, should offer. The Echo is built from the same mold as the Sierra Cab High topper.


Ranch Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


Elite Truck Cap

The Ranch Elite is our Premium Cab hi topper. This unit is designed to enhance the looks of your truck while securing, and sealing your truck bed. Soft curves and sleek angles attribute to the overall feel of the finished product. The Ranch Elite is the right look at the right price.


Ranch Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


Supreme Truck Cap

The Ranch Supreme is more for your money. This camper shell is designed to provide the space you need. Averaging 9″ above cab level this truck cap is a great mixture of styling and space. If is room you need the Supreme is the cap for you.


Ranch Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


Magnum Contractor Cap

The Ranch Magnum is built with the working person in mind. It’s convenient tool boxes and extra secure side and rear doors are perfect to keep your tools and equipment dry, secure, and organized. The standard ladder rack holds 250lbs and can be adjusted to better fit your needs.




Sierra Truck Cap

The Ranch Sierra is a true value. Focusing on fit, finish, and standard extra features, this truck cap is built with your needs in mind. Combining great looks and smart structure the Ranch Sierra is the best buy for your buck!

Unicover Truck Toppers, Caps & Covers

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The skilled craftsmen at Unicover have been building superior quality job-site tested commercial truck caps for over 30 years. Combine our unequalled list of standard features with options that satisfy your storage, security, capacity and performance needs and you will have a truck cap that works as hard as you do.


Unicover Brand Truck Caps and Toppers


Fiberglass Caps

Fiberglass truck cap models. Unicover fiberglass truck caps provide the stylish features you are looking for. Unicover truck caps will fit any make or model truck and come in all colors. Unicover truck caps come in models that provide greater access, expanded cargo room, recessed dark tint windows, rotary locks, push button doors and much more!

Aluminum Truck Caps

Aluminum truck cap models. Unicover provides various options and features for a variety of applications. Unicover truck caps will fit any make or model truck and come in all colors. This cost effective product line is the perfect solution for your truck fleet.




Unicover 100 Model

Offer a screened sliding window centered, providing screened ventilation at an economical price.



Unicover 400 Model

Offers a stationary window and screened sliding ventilation and increased visibility.



Unicover 600 Model

Offers a radious screened sliding window.



Unicover 700 Model

Offers a full vision screened sliding window for maximum visibility.



Unicover 800 Model

Offers a utility door and a screened sliding window for side access and ventilation.



Unicover 1000 Model

Offers 2 utility doors with optional bi-level roof and galvanized steel tool box providing maximum accessibility.



Unicover 1100 Model

Offers two stationary windows and a screened sliding window.



Unicover 1200 Model

Offers a 52″ stationary window for our most economical protection for your truck.

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