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When you buy a new truck topper in St Paul, properly caring for and cleaning are important parts to keeping it looking like new. Here are a few tips from Toppers & More on caring for your truck topper.

  • If your new topper has a new paint job, you will want to treat it with a little extra TLC. For the first 60 to 90 days. Use only touchless and brushless car washes and avoid waxing or rubbing on the topper. This could cause small swirl marks in the paint that don’t buff out. Your best bets are to go to with a touchless car wash or use a pressure washer to clean it off.
  • After 90 days, you can wash and wax your topper just like you would your truck, using the same products.
  • Never wipe your cap with a dry cloth. Always use a cloth that has been dipped in water. And if you have hard water, be sure to dry the topper and truck after you wash them so there are no hard water spots.
  • Avoid parking under any trees. They can drip sap on your topper. If that happens, wipe off the sap as soon as possible.
  • Brush off snow and ice. Do not use a scraper on the cap.
  • If you need to touch up the paint on the topper, be sure to use touch-up paint that is made specifically for cars. You can use clear fingernail polish as the clear coat touch-up. Wait for the touch-up coats to fully dry and then use a rubbing compound and polish so the finish is regained.
  • It is important to use some type of UV protection on all of the rubber, vinyl and plastic parts to help them maintain their luster and to extend their life. Do not use products that contain petrochemicals, petroleum distillates or silicone oils.
  • Make sure all locks and other moving and locking parts are properly lubricated with lithium grease. Be sure you do not use penetrating oils within the lock cylinders unless you follow up with lithium grease.
  • Only use water to clean the shafts of the gas struts. Do not use any lubricants or solvent cleaners.

For more information on caring for your truck topper, call Toppers & More at 651-451-1808. Or if you are looking for new truck toppers, visit our store in South St Paul. Or you can contact us for a Free Estimate.