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There are many people out there who like to save some money on their purchases, especially bigger ones, like cars or furniture. One of the best ways to save some money is to buy used. We sell used ARE,  used Glasstite, used Unicover and used Leer toppers in St Paul, (and many more) so we have a few reasons buying used is sometimes the best option.

The most obvious reason for buying used toppers is that it is more cost-effective. Generally speaking, used items will cost less than new ones. And while you might be paying less for used toppers by going this route, you will not sacrifice quality or durability.  Toppers and More has literally HUNDREDS of used toppers in stock.  Perhaps they have the perfect one for you.

Buying used ARE toppers, used Unicover toppers, used Leer toppers, or any other brand of used toppers, is also more environmentally friendly. It means that fewer materials are being used to build new toppers, and it is less likely those materials will eventually end up in landfills. Not to mention, less energy is used by the factory to produce these toppers. Because less energy will be used overall, this is also a helpful way to help keep the environment clean. Mother Earth and your pocket book will thank you when you buy used toppers, including used Leer toppers!

Used toppers are also a great way to keep items in your truck bed secure during transport and safe from theft because the toppers can be locked up tight. This is a great theft deterrent. Not to mention, a truck topper looks great on any pick-up truck. They are great for “completing” the look of your truck.

For more information on used ARE toppers in St. Paul , used Leer toppers in St Paul (or any other brand), call Toppers & More at 651-451-1808. Or you can visit our showroom on 9th Avenue South or Contact Us for a Free Estimate.