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The Bedrug Liner

The Bedrug Liner

Chances are you bought your truck to haul furniture, garden supplies, dogs, outdoor sporting goods and the like. Whatever you haul, your truck bed is susceptible to damage. Your truck was a big investment and you want it to protect it. Luckily, bedliners can provide your truck bed with a cushion and prevent costly damage.

So, what are your options and how do you choose the right truck bed liner? The following are some of the choices we have available at Toppers & More, located in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro.

Bed Mats
The bed mat is usually the most economical way protect the bottom of your truck box. Aside from only covering a limited area, it still offers excellent protection against dents and scratches.

Drop-In Liners
Drop-in liners offer a bit more protection than what you would get from a mat. Not only does it cover the floor of your box, it covers the sides and sometimes the rails as well. The plastic bed liner can take a beating, so for protection against dents, a drop-in liner is a great option. Be sure to get a good fitting one, like those offered by Trail FX and Penda.

Carpeted Liners
Another step up in cost is the carpeted bedliner. It’s super nice looking and easy on the knees. Even though it may not look like it, most carpeted liners are easy to clean. The Toppers & More team has found the ones made by Bed Rug to be an excellent product.

Spray-On Bed Liners
Spray-on bed liners are usually the higher cost of the options and they aren’t removable, but they offer superb protection. No room for rust with this puppy!

So which type do you choose? Well it comes down to the look you want, the protection you need and of course your budget. Whatever you choose, you’ll appreciate the protection for years to come.

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